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The History Of Churrasco

The History of Churrasco

The beginning of Churrasco started in the hills of Southern Brazil. It was there that “Gauchos,” or Southern Brazilian cowboys, would roam the land while herding cattle. 

While in the wilderness, they would need to make food from what was around them. They started using natural wood charcoal and rock salt to cook meat over open flame pits. The cooking style of Churrasco was born. 

Eventually, Churrasco food moved from the farmlands to the city. Restaurants started serving Churrasco rodízio style to combine delicious food preparation with a fun dining experience.

About Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Terra Gaucha is an authentic churrascaria Brazilian Steakhouse in Florida with locations in Tampa and Jacksonville. The name Terra Gaucha comes from these Brazilian Cowboys known as Gauchos. These Gauchos are notorious for cooking skewered meats over an open flame after using rock salt to season the meats. Terra Gaucha Gaucho chefs take the time to select, butcher, season, and cook every single skewer so that it is just right for you. Then, the wonderful chefs come over to your table to carve off any meat of your choice.

Terra Gaucha holds great pride in continuing this practice of seasoning and cooking skewered meats over an open natural wood flame combined with our traditional rodizio-style dining to cater your needs while dining with us.

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